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Smartwaiver is our top recommendation for online waiver software.

What types of fun activities or events does your organization host? Generally, organizations try to host those unique opportunities that will get their participants the most excited.

Maybe it’s a company trip to an axe-throwing facility, a pony ride at a kid’s birthday party, or perhaps you’re hosting a classic 5K. No matter what type of event or activity you want to host, you should definitely ask the question, “Do I need a waiver?”

Nonprofit organizations should especially be prepared for the worst possible outcome of events. Your organization hosts a fundraising event for a reason. The last thing you want is to use that hard-earned funding for a liability lawsuit because of an accident at the event. The typically tight nonprofit budget would be unable to handle such a disaster!

We can’t make waivers quite as much fun as the activities themselves. However, in this article, we’ll talk about the importance of waivers for your organization, how they can do more than you might initially think, and we’ll even provide suggestions about how to get started with your waiver.

Organizations only receive these benefits when they invest in the right online waiver app or software. Therefore, it’s imperative you pick the best solution for your organization. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best solutions right here in this article!

Feel free to peruse all of the options, or skip ahead to the ones that sound most interesting to you by using the navigation below:

  1. Smartwaiver – Our Top Pick
  2. WaiverForever
  3. WaiverFile
  4. WaiverSign
  5. Checkfront



Let’s learn a little more about each of these apps for liability waivers!

Our favorite online waiver app is Smartwaiver.

Our Top Online Waiver App: Smartwaiver

Overview of this Waiver App

Smartwaiver is our top pick for an online waiver app for any organization. With this app, you can upload an existing PDF waiver for participants to sign or create a new one from scratch with all of the Smartwaiver bells and whistles!

When you create your Smartwaiver, you can use the waiver editor to customize the document with your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts. Plus, the unlimited custom questions (in forms such as dropdowns, yes/no, checkboxes, etc.) and multiple initial and signature boxes make it easy to ensure your waiver will fulfill all of your needs.

Other advanced features offered by Smartwaiver include:

  • Embedded safety videos. Make sure your participants are safe during all of your amazing activities by providing a safety video in the body of their waiver.
  • Flagged questions. Flagged questions will put a little flag next to the participant’s name when a specific answer is chosen, making it easy to identify those who answered a certain way in the future.
  • Auto photo capture.  Smartwaiver’s Auto Photo Capture provides an additional security feature as you snap a picture of the participants signing your waiver.
  • Check-in. Look for a quick check-in feature on these online waiver apps! CharityEngine’s makes it easy to scan someone into a facility or mark them as present in the waiver console. This will help you know how many participants come each day.
  • WaiverSync. Automatically sync all copies of signed waivers to your local hard drive for safe keeping.
  • Multi-language functionality.  Smartwaiver supports waivers in various languages. Some of these languages include French, Spanish, and Dutch.

Smartwaiver provides a waiver console, allowing you to easily search for signed waivers by any number of characteristics, including last name, birthday, or other customized tags. You’ll never lose a waiver!

Online Waiver App Devices

One of the primary reasons to invest in an app for liability waivers is because it provides multiple ways to sign. Instead of simply offering someone a paper waiver, you can provide options. Then, participants can sign however it’s easiest for them.

With Smartwaiver, you can embed a waiver widget on your website for people to sign or include links in your email, social media, or other methods of communication.

You may be thinking, “Wait, you said this was an app, right? So shouldn’t I be able to access it on my phone?” Yes, it is an app. And you can access it from your phone, in multiple ways. You can sign via the mobile-responsive online widget or online forms, you can add a QR code for participants to scan and sign, or you can use a kiosk.

If you use a kiosk, you only need to download the Smartwaiver app onto your tablet. It’s available for both iOS and Android. 

Smartwaiver's online waiver app is available on both IOS and Andriod.


While many online waiver apps offer an abundance of features, they require you to scale up your solution and buy a bigger package in order to receive those features. Not with Smartwaiver!

Smartwaiver offers all of its features for all waivers no matter what package you choose to invest in. Their pricing system depends entirely on how many waivers you need, making it easy to budget for your software.

After your 30-day free trial, you can access up to 100 newly signed waivers per month for just $15.

Check out Smartwaiver to see the full functionality of this online waiver app.


Check out our favorite online waiver app now!


WaiverForever is an online waiver app with multiple plans adjustable for your needs.

Another Great Digital Waiver App: WaiverForever

Overview of this Waiver App

WaiverForever is another great online waiver app that can help your organization ensure a release of liability quickly and easily.

Some of the unique features WaiverForever offers include:

  • Driver’s license scanning. Simply place the barcode on the driver’s license in front of the camera. WaiverForever will collect and automatically fill in personal information based on the license.
  • Email automation. Automatically send an email to your participants after they’ve signed the waiver (especially if they chose to do so in advance) as confirmation.
  • CSV file export. Download all of the information you’ve collected as a comprehensive CSV file. View all of the valuable data as a spreadsheet and load it into other spreadsheet programs in the future.

The quick setup offered through this waiver app makes it easy to tailor the document to your business’s needs.

Online Waiver App Devices

The WaiverForever waiver app is available on both iOS and Android. This means you can transform your tablet into a kiosk no matter your operating system.

WaiverForever's online wavier app is available on both IOS and Andriod.

This software also integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy to access the information later from both the WaiverForever software and other storage locations.


WaiverForever starts off at $10 per month with their personal plan. Your organization will likely start off with one of their expanded packages, such as their Business or Enterprise plan. These are $25 and $70 per month, respectively.

These expanded packages offer more offline devices, more waiver templates, free analytics, and additional team users.

Check out WaiverForever to see all of their online waiver app features.

WaiverFile is a top online waiver app for all devices.

Another Great Digital Waiver App: WaiverFile

Overview of this Waiver App

WaiverFile is an online waiver app that helps organizations create electronic waiver forms for computers, tablets, or mobile devices.

  • Auto-fill for repeat participants. The username and password sign-in ensure your customers’ data remains safe. After they’ve logged in, WaiverFile offers auto-fill for future visits by the same customer.
  • Party or group organization. It can be tough to make sure everyone in a group or party has signed their necessary waiver. WaiverFile helps organize participants by groups to ensure everyone can participate.
  • Automatic archive. Automatically export a zipped file of waiver data for additional storage. You can also set up an automated email to be sent with this information on a weekly basis to your site administrator.

WaiverFile offers many automation features that make it easy to access important information and ensures adequate storage of information.

Online Waiver App Devices

Although they don’t have a proprietary app, you can access the WaiverFile software on iOS or Andriod operating devices through a third-party app called Kiosk Pro Lite. Set up your WaiverFile account within this kiosk app so your participants have the option to sign online or on site.

WaiverFile's online waiver app is available on both IOS and Andriod with the right Kiosk app.

Once you’ve downloaded the appropriate app, it’s pretty easy to create your kiosk. Plus, there are helpful videos on YouTube that can guide you through the process.


Depending on how many waivers your organization needs, you can choose different pricing plans from WaiverFile. The price for the Starting plan for WaiverFile is $15 per month. Then, it increases to be $39 per month for the Business model and $69 per month for Growth and so forth.

If your organization needs more than 4000 waivers, you can contact WaiverFile for a custom plan.

Check out WaiverFile to learn more about their online waiver app features.

WaiverSign is another great online waiver app.

Another Great Digital Waiver App: WaiverSign

Overview of this Waiver App

WaiverSign is an example of a great mobile-optimized digital waiver. Your participants can sign ahead of time before they arrive at your facilities. They can also sign from any device with the mobile-responsive features.

  • Bundle documents. Allow guests to sign multiple documents at once by bundling them together. This way your guests only need to fill out their basic information one time.
  • Multi-language. With WaiverSign, you can allow your guests to sign in the language they prefer, whether that be English or Spanish.
  • Accept/decline. Various clauses in your waiver may require you to include accept/decline clauses or initials from your participants.

Export the data you collect from your participants. If you decide to close your account with WaiverSign, you can save the exported data, then WaiverSign will delete that data from its system.

Online Waiver App Devices

While WaiverSign isn’t an app in itself, it can be set up through select kiosk apps. This is what makes it kiosk compatible and allows guests to sign at your organization’s location. These kiosk apps are available on both Android and iOS compatible devices.

WaiverSign's online waiver app is available with both IOS and Android devices with the right kiosk app.

Plus, you can integrate your WaiverSign document with your organization’s registration system. This will help your organization ease the process of participant check-in.


WaiverSign starts at $10 per month plus 10 cents per signed waiver. If your organization expects vast numbers of waivers to come pouring in from your participants, you can always work with WaiverSign for a custom pricing system.

Check out WaiverSign to see more online waiver app features.

Checkfront is another great software solution with online waiver app functionality.

Another Great Digital Waiver App: Checkfront

Overview of this Waiver App

Checkfront is more than an online waiver app. This software is designed to ease the process for the entire booking and reservation system for vast organizations. Therefore, Checkfront offers full reservation and booking management tools that feature waiver software.

Some of the other features offered through Checkfront include:

  • Online bookings. Encourage participants and customers to book online. They can then complete their online waiver and other required documents as a part of the booking process.  
  • QR code check-in. Your participants can instantly check-in to your event or activities after they’ve booked simply by scanning a QR code.
  • Booking sync. Your waivers and important documents are synced with each relevant booking. This makes it easy to attribute bookings to a document and find everything quickly and easily with a fast search.

Checkfront makes it easy to complete all aspects of the booking process, from the initial spark of interest to the payment.

Online Waiver App Devices

Checkfront currently has an app available for both Android and iOS operating systems. This makes it easy to sign waivers and complete bookings from your phone or tablet.

CheckFront's online wavier app feature is included in their booking mobile app on IOS and Android.

Once your customers have booked their experiences through their iOS or Android Checkfront apps, you can archive important documents on Google Drive for safekeeping.


Waiver software is included in both the Plus and Enterprise packages of Checkfront. The Plus package is $199 per month and the Enterprise package requires a custom pricing plan.

There are no additional fees for this solution. The cost is built into your Plus or Enterprise plan rate.

Visit Checkfront for more information about their online waiver app and more.


We know, this isn’t the topic that most organizations want to focus on when deciding to host an event or put on an activity. You’d prefer to think about the look on someone’s face when they hit the bullseye during axe throwing or the winning prize for your 5K rather than about the liability document you need on file in case something goes wrong.

When should you use waivers?

Waivers must be signed when your organization wants to invoke a release of liability for any reason whatsoever. Participants who sign waivers must acknowledge that they are voluntarily participating in the activity or event.

Generally, waivers are used for events and activities including or related to:

  • Physical activity
  • Travel
  • Group activities
  • Equipment use
  • And more!

Nowadays, with all sorts of new software and technology around us at all times, waivers have become more than just liability protection. Now, in addition to this crucial purpose, waivers are used for a more efficient registration check-in, to provide additional safety context to participants, and to update your constituent records.

Why go digital?

The newest trend in liability waivers is the online waiver app. Online waivers not only make the waiver signing process that much quicker and easier, but they also combine some of the previously separate registration processes in order to streamline operations.

Streamlined operations make for a more enjoyable activity for your participants as well as a more efficient strategy for your organization. 

So how can a digital waiver app streamline operations? There are several additional features offered through this unique software that can help achieve multiple goals at once. Some of these key features to look for include:

  • A quick check-in process. When your waiver is a part of the check-in process, you can easily speed up the process altogether. Ask participants to sign the waiver in advance. Then, once they arrive at your facility, you can quickly mark them off the list and keep the line moving.
  • Easy storage. You’re required to hold onto these records for a certain period of time, dependent on the activity itself. But with paper waivers, all of those records can be difficult to store and organize. Plus, can you imagine the additional kindling if there were ever a fire? Online waiver apps store records for you in a safe, digital location for easy access in the future.
  • Sustainability. Many organizations are focused on taking steps to become just a little bit more environmentally friendly. One easy step you can take is eliminating the need for paper waivers for your events! With the best online waiver apps, you can encourage participants to sign in advance from their computers. Plus, you can include a kiosk at your facility for those who decide to sign the document on the day of the event or activity.

Check out our favorite provider.

Online waiver apps make it easy to encourage your participants to sign their necessary documents before they arrive at your facilities. This results in shorter lines at the facility, an expedited check-in process, and happier customers all around.

If you’re looking for other software that will help your organization better manage waivers and other important event or activity information, check out the resources below:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Online Waivers. If you’re looking for more information about online waivers, how they work for organizations like yours, and why they’re so useful, check out this comprehensive guide by re:Charity.
  • Smartwaiver Homepage. Want to learn more about our top pick for online waiver apps? Check out the Smartwaiver homepage and learn everything there is to know about this incredible software.
  • Donor Analytics Guide. Throughout this guide, we talked about collecting data with your online waiver apps to be streamlined into your CRM for future use. Check out our guide to donor analytics to see why this is such an important process.
Top 5 Online Waiver Apps for Your Event and Activities